I live in Cavite and being stuck in traffic for a long period of time in Edsa is a horrific experience. You just want to rest and sleep. Coming from a province, an affordable stay for the night would be a great option when you're in Manila for that needed rest.

I've known there's a capsule room in Pasay and was curious to try it out as I've seen some capsule hotel in Japan. Was hesitant at first because of the claustrophobic nature of capsule rooms and expected how weird it is to be near and just a foot closer to strangers sleeping beside you and being only separated by your own pod/capsule.

For the capsule room, it's for male-only. The capsule room for women are separate. It is air-conditioned and has assigned lockers where you'll find the pillow, blanket and slippers inside. You can also put your bags and belongings in your locker.

After seeing my designated capsule for the night, I was relieved that it has so much space inside.

I can freely move and can even do exercise but be mindful of the noise as there are occupants beside you.


There are sockets to charge your electronics, lights you can control the brightness and an exhaust fan if ever you release some body gas inside hahaha.. 

2 sockets and a light controller to your desired brightness.

Exhaust fan and my light inside the capsule.

Internet inside the capsule is also great!

Made a speedtest inside my capsule. Not bad!

As for the two bathroom and toilet, it was sufficient.  Also be prepared to bring/buy your soap, toothbrush and toothpaste as only the towels and some tissues are available to use when going to the bathroom. Water pressure is also strong. Hot and cold shower with clothes rack and hook are also available.

There's a roll on blinds for your privacy but still note that you you can still hear if someone talks on the phone on the next capsule. Be prepared for that or you can politely ask them to take the call outside. But for my stay, no phone calls were heard after 9 PM so I did sleep without too much distractions.

Blinds for your privacy.

Food in Kabayan Hotel is also good, I like their Filipino style dining. You can check my food video in this hotel here.

My dinner.

My complimentary breakfast
(Daing na Bangus and Tortang Talong with egg and garlic rice).
Their breakfast is open as early as 4 AM!
(for guest that have early flights cause it's near the Airport)

My stay at the capsule room was comfortable and the food were delicious! I can still remember the taste of Fried Ube Halaya. :)

Fried Ube Halaya, one of the highlights of my stay. Yum!

The hotel I stayed in is also accessible to all kinds of transportation. Just outside the hotel, you can already ride a bus, grab a cab or take a train to any destination in or outside Manila. Also it's just a few kilometers away from the airport.

Edsa highway and MRT right in front of Kabayan Hotel


Now the question is.. Will I stay again in a Capsule room? My answer is also a question.. Why not? ;)

If you're looking for a place to stay for the night within a budget, you can try Kabayan Hotel located at 347 EDSA, Pasay City, Metro Manila 1300 Philippines.

Took one of their leaflets, here are their rates:

Capsule room is P1050 but call their hotline in their website, you might get it to as low as P850.

Here are their details:

347 EDSA, Pasay City, Metro Manila 1300 Philippines
Front Desk
Phone: +632 772 7888 Mobile: +63 917 891 0772

Phone: +632 702 2700 
Mobile/Viber: +63 917 702 2700 
Facsimile: +632 638 9255, 702 2780