Nordic Crayfish Party 2018: Celebrate and Feast like a Viking on September 8 at Sofitel Manila!

When the month of August comes around in Nordic countries, they celebrate Kräftskiva also known as the Crayfish Party. This tradition originated when a Swedish King became fond of catching and eating crayfish. Soon the public picked up the crayfish eating habit of the King and became a celebration that is held yearly.

In the Philippines, we don't normally catch crayfish and savor its taste. Fortunately, Nordcham Philippines partnered up with Sofitel Manila to bring the Crayfish Party on September 8 at the Harbor Garden Tent.

Plenty of crayfish with unlimited beer and vodka together with Nordic food will be served. Along with the Viking inspired attire and live entertainment, the Crayfish party will surely be one of best party of the year!

Viking themed costumes

Nordic feast!

Beetroot with boiled eggs

Herring and potato

Crispy roast whole pork

Salmon gravadlax with honey dill mustard sauce

Crayfish with lemon wedges and dill leaves

Different kinds of cheese!

Janssons temptation

Vegetable Quiche

Boiled dill potatoes

Crayfish Ice Sculture

Blueberry and Strawberry Cupcakes


Crayfish Cake!

Wine and spirits

Sofitel's Yasmine Hidalgo and Norcham Philippines' Joona Selin

"The Nordic Crayfish Party in Manila as we will experience is a celebration of the crayfish tradition but also the Nordic culture and the Nordic heritage. Apart from the crayfish, the world class kitchen of Sofitel will be bringing the Nordic cuisine to the Philippines and guest in the party will be able to enjoy the sumptuous buffet of Nordic dishes as well as the selection of wines and spirits. 

And last but not the least, the crayfish party is a charity event for the betterment of those that needs help the most. We, the Norcham sponsors the lives of the mentally handicap orphans of the Chosen Children Village in Cavite. The proceeds of the party will provide food, clothes and medication for the most vulnerable.", said Bo Lundqvist, President of NordCham Philippines.

Bo Lundqvist, President of NordCham Philippines

Beat Klarer, Sofitel Philippine Plaza General Manager

Guenter Taus, Chosen Children Village President

Tug of War

All the crayfish and unlimited beer!

My 1st plate of crayfish!

Me with the Crayfish Mascot! :)

With Sofitel's Sir Dave and Ms. Margot together with fellow bloggers Sir Az, Sir Ted, Sir Enzo and Sir Michael

Thanks Sofitel Manila for this preview of the Crayfish Party and also to the Birthday cake!

Be sure to catch the Crayfish Party 2018 on September 8, 2018 at the Harbor Garden Tent by visiting to get tickets. Tickets are available at Php 3900 or at Php 35000 for 10 people.

For more info, please call Geoge Pattinson at +639770998952 or email For inquiries and room reservation, you can call Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at +6325515555 or email