Vietnamese Flavors at Crimson Hotel: Authentic and Fresh Served by Vietnamese Chefs

In celebration of Vietnam’s Independence Day this September, Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila takes you to a gastronomic adventure featuring the diverse cuisine from the Land of the Dragon People.

Vietnamese cuisine offers a numerous combination of flavors, with cultural influences from different countries such as France, China, and India. In the Philippines, this cuisine is already gaining popularity where pho noodles and Bahn mi hit the Filipino palate.

Foodies who crave for authentic Vietnamese dishes need not look further as the Crimson Hotel in Alabang features the Taste of Vietnam in their buffet spread at Café Eight restaurant from August 31 to September 7, 2018.

Now in its 2nd year, the hotel welcomed back the talented chefs from Vietnam – Nguyen Thi Khanh Ngan, Tran Kim Hoang Trong, and Vo Van Chien to recreate special dishes from their home.

A brilliant balance of aroma, fresh herbs, pungent flavors, sourness, and sweetness of ingredients will not escape your palate as you feast on a nourishing buffet of Vietnamese spring rolls, pho soups, stewed snakehead, roasted duck leg, chicken curry, fried noodles and so much more. The buffet rate per person is P1,514 net for lunch, P1,729 net for dinner, or P2,100 net for Sunday brunch.

On September 5, 2018, experience Vietnam’s vibrant culture you as you enter Café Eight for a night of decadent dining. Xin Chao! Special Wine Dinner will let you relish the exquisite combination of dishes prepared by the Vietnamese guest chefs and fine wines from AWC. The rate P2,500 net per person includes a 5-course dinner with unlimited wine.

Savor every sip of the classic Vietnamese drip coffee for the whole month of September at the hotel’s Lobby Lounge. See how the ground coffee trickles down to the cup through the traditional phin. Enjoy this simply delightful drink with a condensed milk and a slice of Vietnamese delicacies.

Fresh  Vegetable Spring Rolls

Cucumber Salad with Salted Fish

Mixed Vigetables

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Pork and Shrimp

Stewed Scampi in Coconut

Vietnamese Braised Vegetables

Vietnamese Chicken Curry 

Preparing Pho

Traditional Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

My Vietnamese Food Spread

With Food buddy Sir Az

Overall, I enjoyed the Vietnamese Chicken Curry and Pho (Vietanamese Traditional Beef Noodle Soup) on the Vietnamese spread. Go try the Vietnamese Flavors being offered right now at Crimson Hotel!