Daikin Launches its Daikin Air Solutions Shop (DASS) - One-Stop Aircon Solutions Provider

Recently, Daikin (one of the leading brands of Philippines aircon industry) introduced its Daikin Air Solutions Shop (DASS) which is a professional one-stop-aircon solution provider. 

What is Daikin’s Air Solutions Shop?

Daikin Air  Solutions Shop (DASS) is an air solutions provider leading the Philippine HVAC market that offers services and value-added products. It offers value engineering solutions that covers:

• Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Solutions

• Centralized Air Solutions with Individual Zone Controls

• Controls Systems Solutions

• Indoor Air Quality Solutions

• Quality and Reliable Installation

When you visit a Daikin Air Solutions Shop, it will give you an immersive experience to technologies that Daikin currently has and introducing to the market.  Staying true to a goal to provide the most efficient air-conditioners while addressing the urgency of providing good air quality, Daikin takes this opportunity to show what to offer. 

For Residential Spaces: 

Our home is our most sacred place, and it is where we should feel the safest. However, it is also where we can bring outside impurities. Therefore, Daikin is launching new products to ensure that your home will remain clean: FTKZ-WVM (New D-Smart King), FTKC-AVA (New D-Smart Queen) and  MC30YVM-7 New Air Purifier

FTKZ-WVM (New D-Smart King) 

The new D-Smart King has one of the highest CSPF values in the market at a high rating of 7.24, and is also now integrated with Daikin's Streamer Technology and Built-In Wi-Fi Capability.

FTKC-AVA (New D-Smart Queen)

The new D-Smart Queen has high energy efficiency, while incorporating improvements to air quality like the Gin-lon Filter that can decompose bacteria and viruses along with the Breeze Mode feature.

MC30YVM-7 New Air Purifier

Daikin officially launches this model for small rooms up to 21.5sqm' which now. includes our Streamer Technology, which is effective against COVID-19 and other viruses. 

For Commercial Spaces: 

In conjunction with the world's entry to our post-pandemic era, one fact remains: We have emerged from this, valuing not only our loved ones, but the importance of the quality of the air we breathe. Therefore, we are planning to further improve our Indoor Environment Quality products in the market that will be started by launching these new innovations: 

VAM (Heat Reclaim Ventilator) 

The new VAM is designed to further improve the air quality in your rooms by efficiently introducing fresh air in the area. 

New Streamer Duct Chamber 

The new streamer duct chamber is an accessory that can be integrated in new or existing ducting to be able to incorporate additional indoor quality by using filters and Daikin's Streamer Technology. 

MERV-8 Filters 

Daikin's MERV 8 Filters allows another layer of protection for our Cassette units regardless if it is SkyAir or VRV. The MERV 8 not only filters PM2.5 and some unwanted viruses or bacteria, but can also prolong the life of your units by requiring less maintenance. 

Streamer Cassette 

Not only has Daikin's patented technology been incorporated in our Wall Mounted units but also in our Cassette units. Now, you can get the technology that was only limited to our Air Purifiers in our units such as the cassette.

Perfecting the Air

The world contains an infinite number of spaces. Daikin believes that the air in each of them should be ideally suited to the environment they support. Exciting new research promises the ability to modulate sensory elements, such as light and smell as we make it possible to manage the air- to control its temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness. Daikin will continue to identify opportunities and seek solutions as they strive to make the world's spaces happier and more comfortable. 

"We are introducing new products for different industries in the Philippines and reducing power consumption in all spaces. The skill of air conditioning technicians is essential to put more of Daikin products nationwide. We have 400 authorized dealers nationwide, all trained and developed even more to be ahead of the competition. This is why we have air conditioning, solutions for air quality. This is what we have for our customers, the Daikin Air Solutions Shop. We have RCGA Enterprises, Hope Genesis Enterprises, PVS Air Conditioning Services, Quickserve Advanced Technical Solutions Co Ltd, AirconEx Philippines, Inc. to make sure you have energy efficient solutions, centralized solutions and individual air controls, control systems, indoor air quality solutions and fast, reliable delivery and installation in your homes and businesses. We want 100 percent customer satisfaction." - says Takayoshi Miki, Daikin Philippines President.

Here is the list of their Daikin Air Solutions Shop:

RCGA Enterprises

Location: San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Owner: Rogelio Abesamis

Established: March 2021

Website: www.rgca.dass.com.ph

Facebook: RGCAEnterprises

Contact No. 0915-051-5175 0995-119-8229 0915-263-6182

Hope Genesis Enterprises

Location: Calamba, Laguna

Owner: John Christoper Mance

Established: November 2021

Website: www.hopegenesis.dass.com.ph

Facebook: Hope-Genesis-Enterprises-107415291071359

Contact No. 0956-781-0049 0933-135-7663 0928-497-9353 0915-112-3375

PVS Airconditioning Services

Location: Lipa City, Batangas

Owner: Jason Sze & Maria Majella Sze

Established: October 2021

Website: www.pvs.dass.com.ph

Facebook: Daikin-Air-Solution-Shop-Lipa-City-Batangas-123816851885655

Contact No. 0922-362-6793 0935-247-6451 0999-345-5190

Quickserve Advance Technical Solutions, Co, Ltd.

Location: Davao City

Owner: Peter Salvadico

Established March 2022

Website: www.quickserve.dass.com.ph

Facebook: DAVAOdaikinairsolutionshop

Contact No. 0917-710-8832 0912-356-0305 0917-533-1234

AirconEx Philippines

Location: Imus, Cavite

Owner: Mildred Tuazon

Established July 2022

Website: www.airconex.dass.com.ph

Facebook: airconexlancasterairsolutionshop

Contact No. Retail 0917-156-2367 0915-898-0803 Service (02)-8362-1262 Projects 0917-878-3836

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