Casa Vallejo Hotel Baguio: Everything You'll Ever Need in a Hotel

Baguio will always be the place where people go to unwind and relax. Staycations, food trips, pampering sessions, and everything you'll ever need on a vacation are all within walking distance in Baguio. What if there's a Baguio accommodation who have all of that in a single place?

Homey and rustic vibe when you enter Casa Vallejo

Historic facadé of Casa Vallejo

Casa Vallejo offers comfort and convenience when you stay in their rooms. They have complete amenities, clean rooms, comfortable bed, friendly staffs and lots of tenants which provides different services.

Ornamental plants, Anito sculptures and paintings 

a humble reception area and a picture of Casa Vallejo during its old days

Lounge area 

Fireplace inside Casa Vallejo

We checked out their different rooms (standard, family and honeymoon room). They have a total of 24 rooms and all have wifi, tv, hot and cold shower, cabinet rack, desk, daily housekeeping and a telephone.

The family room we stayed at has comfy bed and bedsheets. It has complete utilities needed in our stay. They have a flat iron, ironing board, blower, ref, hangers, coffee machine and locker.

Family room with 2 comfortable beds

Bathroom with Hot and Cold Showers

Inside the cabinet: flat iron, ref, coffee maker and more!

Standard room with one big bed

Honeymoon Room with a red couch

Our room has been freshly painted and has a ceiling fan. No air-con needed since its Baguio. During the day, you can open the windows to let the cold breeze in or just turn on the ceiling fan. You can also request additional table and chair if you want to working table.  


They have different concessionaires and tenants from food establishments to self-care services and more! If you're craving for delicious food, Hill Station is only one stair away. If you're craving Filipino Mexican food, head on over to building at the back of Casa Vallejo and go to Mimz Cafe. And while you're there, have a fruit tea or milk tea at My.Girl Milk tea and Coffee. If you need pampering and a new haircut, walk outside and go to Underground Grooming Studio or Makeover Aesthetics and Salon. Buy outdoor gears for climbing or biking at Lagalag for your next hiking trip. Or after a climb or a day walk exploring Baguio, reward yourself with a massage at North Haven Spa. They also have pet care (Angeles Pet Care Center) and law services from Abogado.

Building at the back of Casa Vallejo where some of the tenants reside

Here are their concessionaires:

Hill Station - voted one of the best restaurant in Baguio for the last 10 years and I agree because all the food we ate during our stay were all top-notch!

Rustic and grand stairs

Yummy meals all day from breakfast, lunch to dinner!

It has amazing interiors and the view gives you a relaxed feel when dining

Lagalag -  a filipino owned outdoor wear and gear company. If you're going on a hike or biking, you can buy all the gears here.

Jo and Sir Ted bought sandals for their Sagada trip

North Haven Spa - offers massage services, perfect after a day of walking and doing activities in Baguio. 

Mimz Cafe - a Filipino-Mexican cuisine restaurant just upstairs at the second building of Casa Vallejo. Their Sinigang na Lechon belly was my favorite.

My.Girl Milk tea and Coffee - offers milk tea and fruit tea. They are popular among students and there are always delivery riders picking up their products. 

Underground Grooming Studio - they have excellent fades and trims to offer to any gentleman who wants a fresh look.

Makeover Aesthetics and Salon - for the ladies who wants a new hairdo and pampering. 

Angeles Pet Care Center - they offer pet care services and pet products. 

Casa Vallejo has so much history under its belt as seen at the entrance. A historical marker depicts the establishment has historical significance and must be protected under law thus preserving its historic structure. Being the oldest hotel in Luzon since 1909, Casa Vallejo withstood the test of times and continuously provides shelter and home over the years.

Historical marker of Casa Vallejo

We stayed 3 days and all of it were enjoyable and pleasant. No stress staycation and the convenience of exploring Baguio with its prime location situated near Session Road. We can easily go back to Casa Vallejo for a quick rest and nap after all our Baguio activities. Going to Baguio from Manila and going back home is so easy, you can literally walk to the bus terminal station from the hotel. 

With the very accommodating Casa Vallejo Staff

If you ever decide to try Casa Vallejo, use my code #CasaVallejoXNumu when you book at their facebook page to get the discounted room rates.

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