MassageMNL Celebrates 4th Year and Continues Industry Lead with New Offering

MassageMNL, the first and leading premium home service massage in the Philippines is soaring to greater heights as they celebrate their 4th year anniversary this 2022.

Founded by Janine Khazaie in 2018, MassageMNL has been disrupting wellness norm and offering premium and specialized massages that you can enjoy right at the comforts of your own home

"MassageMNL has always been finding ways to improve and adapt to changing times. We want to give our customers the utmost care, comfort and quality services", Janine shared. "We still have safety protocols in place like weekly antigen testing for all our therapists, riders and staff.

There is also strict monitoring at the staff house to make sure everyone is in good health to service customers", Janine added.

MassageMNL is the first and leading home-service massage brand in the Philippines and had expanded to beauty services. Earlier in 2022, MassageMNL had introduced Thermage FLX 5G,

Intimate whitening technology, Oxygeneo Facial and Emsculpt. Now MassageMNL is also adding their newest Jelly Facial.

"We spent the past years researching and testing different beauty services to make sure that we only give the best to our customers", said Janine. Each beauty service had gone through extensive testing and can be done at the comforts of your own home.

With Massages and Beauty services already in their roster, they also launched MassageBar and Khozy during the pandemic. It's a perfect way to bond with your loved ones whether just for 2 or for an intimate celebration.

MassageBar is a spa party that is perfect for birthdays, bridal showers and many more. It includes massages, foot spas, body scrubs and facials. Khozy, on the other hand, is full spa set-up that includes a massage and body scrub for two. "Whether you want to surprise a loved one or celebrate with friends, we have something for you", Janine added.

Influencers attended the 4th year of MassageMNL

Massage were also given during their 4th year celebration

Azrael of Azrael's Merryland Blog enjoying the massage

Nicole of won 1 year of free massage!

Influencers at the arts and craft table

MNL at Work which was launched last December 2021 is for providing massages at work places to improve employees wellness and productivity, lowered stress levels, increased concentration at work, and reduced injuries of muscle strains at work. Perfect way to show your staff you care.

2022 is a year of new heights and MassageMNL aims to continue delivering quality services tha you deserve. "It's also a year where we get to look back and see how far we've come", Janine said. Since its founding in 2018, MassageMNL continued to expand in different areas, services and even moving into their new headquarters.

MassageMNL is also launching their newest tagline- Be restored to your best, to commemorate their 4th year. "It has always been our goal to help customers feel relaxed and restored and thi tagline perfectly sums it up", Janine explained.

"We couldn't have done it without our loyal MassageMNL customers, friends and God's grace" she added.

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