Rainy Day Cravings in Malate: Jim's Pares and Babemike Shawarma

Rainy days makes you want to crave food more than any other days. Staying in Malate, there's two popular food spots that I've been wanting to try and does it really deserve the hype?

Went on a rainy day to try Jim's Pares and Babemike Shawarma to find out what the fuss is all about.

Here's my food experience video:

Checked out Jim's Pares first, many people are queuing and the turnaround time for an order is very fast. Beef chunks braised in their signature steaming hot broth will welcome you when you take an order. They have combo meals: Pares with Rice and Softdrinks is Php 120 and with the bone marrow it jumps to Php230 pesos. Price is kinda high comparing to other pares spots. The servings were plenty and the hot soup is unlimited. Their pares broth is good and not as thick compared to other pares I've tried. The beef chunks and bits are tender. Added chillies for more kick and I've ordered another rice. It's a good pares and perfect for the rainy weather or a hangover meal.  Jim's Pares is located at 1739 Maria Orosa St, Malate near the carwash. 

Next, I tried Babemike Shawarma along Taft and Vito Cruz near Jollibee. Yep they also have long lines, the turnaround time for a shawarma is kinda long. They cut and dice the shawarma meat in big batches and it contributed to the long lines. But once they're done with cutting and dicing, the wait is bearable. Ordered Shawarma Rice (Php 60), tried their Shawarma Pita also (Php 50). Reviewing the the taste, this is my style of Shawarma kinda sweet and creamy. Sometimes you get the tendon bits which is a bit chewy but their meat is also good. Their sauce is the MVP and their rice, devoured two orders in one go.

We have different taste so what's good for me might not be delicious to you, so might as well try it for the experience.