The Bellevue Manila Makes a Huge Step towards Sustainability

The Bellevue Manila has made a huge and green step towards sustainability by creating its own clean and green protocols on waste management and carbon imprint-free operations.

The 5-star hotel aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle to guests and their associates as they take part in helping change the world. Their sustainability initiatives and green practices include Urban Farming, Energy Conservation, Paperless Processing, and the Minimization of Single-Use-Plastic, to name a few.

The Bellevue Manila also has its vegetable garden located on the roof deck of the hotel. This is where they produce their own lettuce, pechay, bok choy, mint leaves, basil, coriander, and other vegetables, making the farm-to-table concept a reality for their diners.

The hotel also does energy conservation efforts where they use ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) in their Azurea Spa which is responsible for cleaner and healthier indoor air and also helps reduce energy costs.

Aside from those, the hotel also implements paperless processing acquired systems and software that enable them to minimize their paper consumption. One example of this is the contactless check-in where guests can have a fast and safe check-in and check-out process with Bellevue's E-Concierge system. With this new and improved digital platform, guests may fill-out forms and provide other requirements with ease through either standard check-in or their personal mobile phones.

Last but not the least; the hotel now uses replenishable glass containers in partnership with Hydra Four, Inc. in replacement of PET/ plastic bottles.

With these initiatives, The Bellevue Manila continues to launch various projects that will further promote sustainable hospitality as part of their development and innovation program for the company.