SeedWorks Philippines’ TH-82 Hybrid Rice Variety Leads the 15th NRTF

SeedWorks Philippines’ TH-82 has topped the 15th National Rice Technology Forum (NRTF). Thus, the hybrid rice variety has once again demonstrated its potential as an ideal option for wet-season cropping. 

The 15th NRTF—organized by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and its Regional Field Office 1, the Rice Productivity Advocacy, Inc. (Rice Board), and the provincial and local governments of Ilocos Norte—culminated from September 12 to 14, 2022 at Barangay Cabaruan, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. 

Seedwork’s winning variety, TH-82 during the 15 th National Rice Technology Forum (NRTF).

With the theme ‘Increase Rice Production towards Farmers’ Prosperity,’ the recent edition of the national biannual rice derby showcased 29 different hybrid and inbred rice varieties from 11 agriculture brands and companies using a total of 120 hectares allocated for technology demonstrations. The rice demonstration event commenced in May 2022 and was also aimed at demonstrating the latest agricultural technology for coping with climate change impact and the economic effects of the ongoing pandemic. 

Mario Galicinao, the local farmer who topped the rice derby in Ilocos Norte

Mario Galicinao, a 60-year-old local farmer, used SeedWorks’ TH-82 and topped the rice derby with a yield of 8.63 tons per hectare (at 14% moisture content), which is twice the Region I average of 4.6 tons per hectare and the national average of 4.1 tons per hectare (based on 2021 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA). This also reiterated the outstanding feature of the hybrid rice variety to still bring productive yield even during the wet season. TH-82 also reclaimed the No. 1 rank in NRTF after it dominated the 4th NRTF in 2017 held in M’lang, Cotabato. 

TH-82 Tatag Hybrid rice variety

Best known for its hybrid seed vigor and robust root system, TH-82 has consistently been demonstrating its capability to bring high-quality yield in any season. It has produced impressive yields in numerous demo farming programs nationwide, and has proven to be an ideal variety for dry-seeding and direct-seeding in both wet and dry field conditions. 

“SeedWorks has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting our local farmers by offering them the best rice varieties that could bring greater yields even in highly stressed conditions,” said SeedWorks Philippines President Carlos Saplala. “TH-82 is our hybrid rice variety that can withstand major diseases and abiotic stress brought about by climate change.”

SeedWorks’ farming commitment 

Aside from TH-82, SeedWorks Philippines also pushes its US-88 hybrid rice variety, which is known for its long grain and premium quality, ideal in the central plains of Luzon. The company’s Quadro Alas variety is also gaining popularity among local farmers for its early maturity (around 104 to 110 days after seeding [DAS]) and high yielding capability. 

“With our TH-82, US-88, and Quadro Alas hybrid rice varieties, SeedWorks continues to uphold our commitment to help Filipino farmers increase rice production so they can generate higher income and help make the country to attain rice self-sufficiency and make rice more affordable. We are one with the national government in achieving that goal,” Saplala concluded.