Globe introduces Gudi at exciting ToyCon PH debut, ignites toy creators' imagination

Globe recently made its grand debut as presenter of Toycon Philippines, marking the 20th year of the premier pop culture event with the introduction of Gudi, the Globe GDay character, to the toy community. 

Following its debut at the 2022 GDay celebration last September, Gudi took the spotlight at Toycon Philippines 2023, with 12 talented artists invited to put their own playful spin on the cute blue character and take its charm up a notch. 

Artists Marchel Anthony Co, Anthony Bersola, Rey Ivan Clariz, Freely Abrigo, Joshua Adrian Aristoza, Gino Roberto, Steffi Lianne Lim, John Eugene Avila, Anthonette Balboa Tolosa, Gino Cruz, Jeffrey Dela Cruz and Lino Reyes all stepped up to the challenge, showcasing their distinct artistic styles through their own versions of Gudi. 

The exciting contest culminated in the unveiling of the winning piece, a captivating artwork by Gino Roberto featuring Gudi seated on a crescent moon, taking a selfie.

"I feel extremely honored to have been selected for this opportunity. Being able to apply my technique and style to Gudi and see it so well-received is very rewarding. This event has not only provided me with a great platform but also offered a fun and exciting challenge to explore my creativity further,” Roberto said.

This year’s Toycon also featured a plethora of childhood favorites, including Tetsuo Kurata as Masked Rider Black and Black RX, as well as Ryosuke Kaizu as Red Mask from Hikari Sentai Maskman. Toy merchants and collectors also helped create an immersive playground that thrilled the participants.

"We are incredibly excited to be a part of Toycon this year," said Mike Magpily, Head of Segment Strategy and Subcultures at Globe. "This event provided an ideal platform for us to enable toy creators, giving them the avenue to let their talents shine. The introduction of Gudi to the toy community and seeing the different possibilities unfold has been a truly rewarding experience."

Globe's debut at Toycon 2023 exemplified its dedication to fostering creativity and collaborations in the community. By leveraging the broad spectrum of its entertainment partners and providing a platform for local toy creators, Globe has successfully added a new layer of engagement and vibrancy to the longest-running pop-culture event in the Philippines.

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