GoDigital Pilipinas successfully launches Cashless Expo 2023!

Richard Labitag, (Head of Acceptance and SME, Maya Bank), Kim Abellar (I-Fern), Mishy Co (Executive Director, GoDigital Pilipinas Movement, PSAC - Digital), Senator Mark Villar, Namerto Tangonan (Deputy Governor, BSP), Ana Carolina P. Sanchez (Undersecretary, Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary, DTI), Leocadio S. Sebastian (Undersecretary, Rice Industry Development, DA)

Following the announcement of the event, the much-anticipated Cashless Expo 2023, organized by Godigital Pilipinas in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), and the Department of Agriculture (DA), successfully opened its doors to the public with the help of major industry leaders, Senator Mark Villar, other government officials, and over 200 local brands, merchants, and farmers. The event, held at the World Trade Center, marked a significant milestone in fostering a cashless economy and promoting digital innovation in the country.

Under the theme “Bagong Pilipinas Cashless Na! ”. The Cashless Expo 2023 was graced with the presence of several business leaders and influential people, such as Mariel Rodriguez, Padilla, and Ifern CEO - Tommy Tan and Kim Abelar.

The Cashless Expo 2023 was deemed successful as thousands of visitors were able to enjoy and experience the best of Philippine regions, from unli-gulay to art crafts and local products from farmers and local merchants.

The Cashless Expo 2023 is a 3-day event aimed at showcasing the advantages of cashless transactions with the help of over 200 local brands, merchants, and farmers, all united to support the cashless movement. The event is set to encourage SMEs and consumers to switch to cashless by demonstrating the efficiency and security that digital payment transactions hold.

Godigital Pilipinas expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with DTI, BSP, and DA in organizing the Cashless Expo 2023. Together, these entities reaffirmed their commitment to building a resilient and inclusive digital economy that empowers businesses, consumers, and farmers across the Philippines.

Visitors experienced an array of panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations from esteemed guests from both the private and public sectors supporting the event.

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