Globe Issues Fresh Warning to Public as Scammers Employ New Tactics Amid SIM Registration Law and Telco Blocking

Globe is urging the public to be extra cautious as law enforcement warns of a new surge in online and text fraud. Anton Bonifacio, the Chief Information Security Officer of Globe, stated that fraudsters are devising new tactics to lure potential victims and evade the SIM Registration Act and the industry's efforts to block spam and scam SMS. Due to Globe's stricter regulations, scammers are increasingly turning to over-the-top (OTT) media services and spoofing techniques, which operate outside the realm of telecommunications companies. Bonifacio emphasized the importance of not engaging with unsolicited calls, texts, or chat messages, and never divulging personal information to strangers.

According to police data, cyber identity theft cases in the Philippines rose by 12.2% in 2023, with 1,597 cases reported compared to 1,402 in 2022. Globe's own data revealed a continuous increase in scam and spam texts, with 5.48 billion unwanted SMS blocked in 2023, double the number from 2022. Globe has implemented stringent measures, such as blocking all person-to-person SMS with URLs since September 2022, to combat scam and spam SMS.

On a positive note, Globe observed a significant decline in bank-related spam and scam SMS in 2023, with a 73.7% drop from 83.39 million in 2022 to 21.9 million. This was attributed to Globe's anti-fraud partnerships with major banks and financial institutions. Additionally, Globe's 24/7 #StopSpam portal blocked a total of 220,669 SIMs in 2023, primarily competitor SIMs, almost quadrupling the previous year's figure.

In addition to their blocking efforts, Globe continues to educate the public about online safety. They recently conducted a #SeniorDigizen learning session, where approximately 200 elderly individuals were taught how to protect their email accounts and secure their mobile wallets, among other digital skills.

Bonifacio emphasized that as Globe strives for digital inclusion, they are committed to making their online safety initiatives as inclusive as possible. Globe has invested $90 million in cybersecurity measures, in addition to the $20 million previously allocated to combat spam and scam messages. To report spam or scam SMS, individuals can visit Globe's #StopSpam portal.