Sony releases the Alpha 9 III; the world’s first full-frame Image Sensor Camera with a Global Shutter System

Sony continues to change the game of photography with the recent introduction of the Alpha 9 III camera, equipped with the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor, now available in the Philippines. 

This impressive camera boasts top-of-the-line, innovative features that will open up a new world of possibilities for both beginner and professional photographers alike to capture that decisive moment. Hence, the Sony Alpha 9 III is quickly becoming a go-to camera for some photographers, including Sony Alpha Professional Jiggie Alejandrino and independent documentary photographer Martin San Diego.

Changing the game of photography with the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor

Sony has established a new dimension of camera performance with the world’s first global shutter full-frame stacked 24.6 megapixel CMOS image sensor, with the capability of shooting continuous bursts of up to 120fps with AF/AE tracking and a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 second, combined with the latest image processing engine BIONZ XR®. 

These features capture fast-moving subjects with absolutely no image distortion and preserve split-second moments all in stunning detail, which are only possible through the sensor’s global shutter system. Unlike a regular rolling shutter system, the Alpha 9 III’s global shutter system exposes all pixels simultaneously, eliminating flicker in single images or flash bonding. 

“My favorite feature of the Alpha 9 III camera is the global shutter. Aside from the fact that it allows me to capture bursts of up to 120FPS, [the global shutter] changes the way flash photography is used, as it makes carrying huge flash units to projects obsolete,” Jiggie shared about the benefits of the camera in his work.

Along with the global shutter system, the camera’s designated AI processing unit uses Real-time Recognition AF (autofocus) to recognize a wide variety of subjects with high precision. By combining the camera’s high-speed performance with the sensor’s highly accurate subject recognition performance, it is possible to easily photograph decisive scenes and moments that cannot be captured with the naked eye. 

The Alpha 9 III is also equipped with the newly installed Pre-Capture function that allows the user to go back up to 1 second and record the moment before pressing the shutter. 

“The pre-capture feature is a dream for photojournalists and sports photographers. Paired with flawless autofocus and blazing frame rates of up to 120 fps, missed shots are now a thing of the past,” Martin exclaimed, underlining the camera’s ability to capture every moment in the eyes of the photographer. “The imaging technology in this camera is as transparent as ever, there's almost nothing between you and the moments you want to be captured. Plus there's just this unique confidence when you hold this camera. You just know it won't fail on you.”

Independent documentary photographer Martin San Diego and Sony Alpha Professional Jiggie Alejandrino during their respective photography demonstrations at the launch of Sony Alpha 9 III camera

Sample action shots using Sony Alpha 9 III camera

Capture the action even for videos

The Alpha 9 III camera with its global shutter image sensor can also capture videos with no distortion. The Alpha 9 III captures 4K movies at up to 120p, and at 60p with full pixel readout and 6K oversampling. 

The AI processing unit in the Alpha 9 III camera supports movies with accurate subject form and movement recognition, providing a significant improvement in human eye recognition performance with Real-time Recognition AF and Real-time Tracking, automatically recognizing, tracking, and focusing on the eyes of a specified subject. 

The Alpha 9 III also has the image creation process S-Cinetone™, making human skin and subjects stand out beautifully by creating natural highlights.

Streamlined for pros with the camera’s advanced operability and flexibility 

Sony has listened to the voices of professional photographers and created operability and reliability that supports professional image makers with an improved, ergonomic design and a compatible VG-C5 vertical grip (sold separately) for long shooting sessions. 

New features for the Alpha 9 III include a playback image filter that allows the user to efficiently select many images using high-speed continuous shooting and a function menu that can be used even during image playback, strongly supporting professional workflows from shooting to delivery.

For both Jiggie and Martin, the Alpha 9 III has truly redefined their work by closing the gap between capturing and image editing. As shown by some of the country’s top players in the photography industry, the Alpha 9 III is a perfect partner for those looking to upgrade their photography game, enhancing their passions to the next level. 

“This camera is made for the future,” Jiggie shared, emphasizing how the Alpha 9 III is a camera that his fellow photographers in the industry must look forward to. “I can imagine this will be the must-have camera for the Paris Olympics this year,” Martin added. 


The Alpha 9 III is now available in the Philippines with an SRP of PHP 349,599. To learn more about the Alpha 9 III, visit

I tried the Alpha 9III at the event and here's my actual pics I shot. The lights went off but the Alpha 9III still maintained the focus and snapped these images.