COMCO Mundo names Managing Directors for its companies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East & Africa markets

As it enters its 8th year in the industry, powerhouse and global award-winning communications group COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises reinforces its leadership as it names the new Managing Directors for its companies in COMCO Southeast Asia and the Middle East & Africa markets. They are Joyce Yu for COMCO Southeast Asia, Rachel Syfargo for TARO AOX Inc., and Tricia Cusi-Jimenea for COMCO Middle East & Africa.

Reinforcing Leadership

A seasoned PR practitioner, COMCO SEA’s newest Managing Director Joyce Yu has close to two decades of solid experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Events and Activation, and Branding and Brand Communications. Part of her new role is to reinforce the group's flagship brand New PR and Smart Social and grow COMCO’s Experience+ division, the Agency’s service dedicated to Events, Advertising, Branding, and Special Media Executions.

One of COMCO’s senior partners, pioneers and communications experts, Rachel Syfargo will now lead as Managing Director for TARO AOX Inc., the group’s specialist agency that offers Digital Max for Digital, Social and Emerging Platforms, Technologies and Innovations; ICOM for Integrated Communications and Digital PR; and Story Lab for Communications Audit, Research and Planning as well as Editorial and Publication Services. Rachel’s leadership in the practice encompasses more than two decades of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Branding and Communications Research. 

Bringing meaningful storytelling beyond Southeast Asia, COMCO’s senior partner and co-founder Tricia Jimenea continues as COMCO Middle East & Africa’s Managing Director opening more opportunities for COMCO in the region. Tricia is an award-winning PR professional with almost two decades of extensive experience in Media and Influencer Relations, Celebrity Marketing, Strategy Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Events Management, and Content Development.

Rising from the Ranks

As part of COMCO Mundo’s mission to Ignite Talent, numerous high-performing employees from the group’s various companies and units are also promoted. A homegrown talent from the Camp COMCO Mentorship Program Cycle 5 in 2017, Jam Bufi has demonstrated her leadership potential over the years and is now the Integrated Communications Manager of TARO AOX Inc. One of the first employees of COMCO Middle East & Africa, Rabia Yousuf has also given valuable contribution to the organization is now promoted to Account Manager. 

Showing their excellence, potential and commitment to their craft, Narah Faigal and Hiacynth Ablanez of SEA Wave & Spice Multimedia Content Studio are both appointed to Senior Officers while Jaderick Buhay from TARO AOX Inc. is now promoted to Officer. With their excellent performance and unwavering dedication, COMCO Southeast Asia’s Hendrich Namoca and COMCO Mundo’s Ronette Tibay as well as TARO AOX Inc’s Joana de Guzman and Chloe Manalac are all promoted to Senior Associates. SEA Wave & Spice’s Multimedia Arts Associate Nicole Bamba is now the company’s newest regularized employee. All of them are graduates of the group’s industry acclaimed Camp COMCO Mentorship Program. 

Mission 2024: COMCO in a Different League

Reinforcing its long-time commitment to excellence and unique brand of meaningful storytelling, COMCO marks another milestone in igniting brand love, social change, talent growth, and borderless collaboration as it celebrates its 8th anniversary. 

Founded from the dreams of individuals to build a communications firm with a great team and unique agency culture, COMCO Mundo together with its more than 55 strong COMCOys creates collaborative experiences, attains shared goals together, and invests in inclusive growth. This unique agency culture is propagated across the group, from Southeast Asia to the Middle East & Africa, providing more opportunities for COMCOys to grow as individuals and as a team with a sense of mission. 

Embarking on this milestone, COMCO Mundo is excited to announce the line-up of its flagship projects and activities prepared for 2024 including the COMCO Badminton Club, Camp COMCO Alumni Society Homecoming Cup, SEA Wave Contrbutors’ Assembly, Camp COMCO Kids, COMCO Mundo Away Days 2024, Movie Night with COMCOmigos, and COMCOlidays with Kids. 

“My aim and passion to building a great team turned to a relentless goal to building a unique company that any amazing talent would dream to be part of – a creativity playground, a safe zone with a team that got your back, a craftsmanship vessel that will push forward our dreams and bring us to places, figuratively and literally.  And for you to have a great team, you need to have the right company, like a second home, for these talents to thrive and grow," said Ferdinand L. Bondoy, COMCO Mundo’s Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder .

He added, “And as we enter our 8th year, we uphold our Mission 2024 battle cry and reinforce our unparalleled practice in a different league. We won't be constrained by the norms of the traditional practice or pressures of the dogmatic society as there's a bigger world out there and there are more compelling issues to dissect; there is a more progressive, complicated but necessary playing field to navigate, where we have a bigger mission to fulfill.”

COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, together with its companies, is now ready to fulfill #Mission2024 in a different league. To know more about COMCO Mundo and its initiatives, visit Follow them on social media: on Facebook,, and @comco_mundo on Instagram.