eTap positive on outlook after remarkable growth and success in 2023

Electronic Transfer & Advance Processing, Inc. (eTap), the country's leading self-service payment kiosk provider, has achieved remarkable growth the previous year, surpassing industry expectations and setting new benchmarks in various key areas.

eTap CEO Percy Hernandez said the company has experienced a robust financial performance, demonstrating a remarkable growth percentage from fiscal year 2022 to 2023. eTap, a Filipino-owned company, proudly relies on Filipino-developed technology created entirely by its in-house team.

He said the company experienced a 101 percent increase in revenue, showcasing its robust market presence and effective business strategies, demonstrating eTap's commitment to operational excellence and financial strength as well as reflecting eTap’s resilience and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

Hernandez expressed optimism about the company's trajectory: "Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead this year. As we continue developing cutting-edge technologies, we anticipate further growth in revenue, market share, and overall impact. The innovations are poised to revolutionize how businesses and consumers engage with electronic payment solutions."

He emphasized that eTap's success is rooted in its strategic initiatives and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving electronic payment landscape. The company's ability to stay ahead of industry trends, coupled with a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clients, has been a driving force behind its outstanding financial performance.

eTap COO Marlon Portugal meanwhile added, "Innovation is at the core of eTap's success. Our dedicated research and development team remains focused on creating innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our client's expectations and set new standards in the fintech industry."

Looking ahead to 2024, eTap is embarking on an ambitious mission to extend the reach of its transformative financial services to even the farthest corners of the country. 2024 will see eTap strategically focusing on reaching far-flung areas, ensuring that individuals in remote communities have access to the same level of financial empowerment as their urban counterparts.

Portugal said eTap has partnered with key players in various sectors such as Globe Telecom, GCash, Maya, BTI Payments, ECPay, Cebuana Lhuillier, Easytrip, Autosweep, PrimeWater, Paynamics, beep and Tripko to deliver integrated and comprehensive electronic payment solutions. These strategic partnerships are instrumental in expanding eTap's ecosystem and providing a seamless experience for users across diverse industries.

In addition to its expansive online presence, eTap has strategically positioned its user-friendly kiosks in high-traffic locations, including malls nationwide. Users can conveniently access eTap's electronic payment services at various kiosks located in prominent malls such as Lots for Less, City Mall, Novo, Primark, Home Along, IMART, Budgetwise, and JS Gaisano, among others.

These kiosks serve as accessible touchpoints for individuals seeking a seamless and convenient way to engage with eTap's electronic payment solutions. By strategically choosing locations with a significant footfall, eTap ensures its services are easily accessible to a diverse audience, promoting financial inclusivity and convenience.

"These collaborations have broadened the company's market reach and resulted in the development of tailored solutions catering to specific industry requirements. The diversification of eTap's client portfolio underscores its commitment to providing customized, industry-specific electronic payment solutions," Hernandez added.

Founded in 2015 and continually growing, eTap has consistently championed the transformative power of technology to uplift communities. Its self-service payment kiosk system is designed to cater to a diverse range of users, ensuring that technology becomes an inclusive force for positive change. Whether individuals need to settle bills, top up their e-wallets, purchase prepaid loads, or make loan payments, eTap's kiosk system provides a seamless and user-friendly solution for daily financial transactions of our users.

eTap offers users a comprehensive platform for various financial transactions, including eMoney services (GCash, Maya Shopee Pay, and Diskartech), banking (BPI and AUB), loans (home credit and AEON credit service), mobile and internet (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, PLDT, DITO Telecoms and Converge), gaming (Genshin Impact and Mobile Legends), and rider services (Grab and Dragonloans).

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